Our 34 years old knowledge base

Our firm is rich with a knowledge base which goes back to 34 years; since 1982. The experiences gained by us through ups and downs of the business as well as the corporate world have nourished us and by 2017, we assure you that our solutions are more reliable in BPO industry

Unique, Simple and Efficient

The name "Unique" is itself the slogan of our service and we gurantee you a simple and efficient solutions which will help you to experience a smooth funtioning of your outsourced services

Our Client base

We are a proud business service provider of several locally and internationally recognized entities which belongs main business industries. The experience gained through this variety of clients may surely enhance our service to your entity, continuously.

Accounting Services

Accounting and Book Keeping

Properly handling book keeping and keeping track of your financial status is not easy. Especially when you’re not familiar with accounting. We provide complete set of accounting and book keeping solutions specifically designed for SMEs to strategically control their money flow.


It’s a legal requirement to audit your annual accounts (and financial statements). On the other hand, Auditing helps your organization to find its strengths and weaknesses to make strategic changes.

Tax consultation

Handling income tax properly to avoid surcharges and unnecessary legal actions is a headache when you’re a SME whom would like to spend the whole time to develop the business. Let us take care of that pain.

Total Accounting Solution

Completely hand over your Accounting department to us. We will manage all financial aspects of your organization, letting you focus on its development.

Staff Sourcing (Manpower)

We provide man power services from our pool of staff to manage several operations of our clients. Our pool is consisted of clerical and above staff Assistant categories.

Recruitment services

Head hunting and recruitment services are provided by almost every HR services firms in Sri Lanka. But our service schemes in this industry are completely different and well matched by our clients.

Payroll Management

Managing legal compliance introduced by the government relevant to labor force has to be done systematically and continually. Otherwise being black listed in labor departments, EPF/ETF establishments would create your organization unnecessary hassle, which ultimately disturb functions of your business. Let us manage your payroll related functions timely.

Virtual HR Operations

Human Resource Department is a must have department for any organization. But when an organization is on the path of learning and growth, best option is to outsource the HR department. We will help you to strategically manage your workforce, which ultimately support the development of your business.

Web Designing

Online presence is a must for almost every business. Our team of designers can identify your exact requirement and necessary model of Web services to provide your customers an extraordinary experience. Which in return will generate new business opportunities to you.

System Development

Most of the internal processes in an organization could be managed easily with the assistance of a well-designed information system. We can analyze your requirement and develop a good system to efficiently manage your processes. Currently we provide accounting solutions and HRIS.

Social Media Marketing

Our IT team has expertise knowledge in managing business social media profiles and furnish them to get more responses from clients.

Web maintenance and Search Engine Optimization

Keep your website maintained and updated to let your clients search for you more easily online.

Company Registration and secretarial services

BR – Proprietorship and partnership

Proprietorship / Partnership business registration is your solution when you want to set up a business with the little money you have or escape from hassle of dealing with departments, forms, files, meetings etc. We further ease your burden by handling the complete process of business registration on behalf of you by preparing necessary documents and submitting them to relevant government bodies.

Company Registration

Limited liability companies are the most opted form of corporations in Sri Lanka. Our advice to clients is always foresee where you want your business to be in future and choose the form of business registration that best fit your aspiration. Once you have set your mind to register your business as a company, get back to us; we will register your company at a competitive rate.

Corporate secretarial services

We provide bespoken secretarial service packages at a negotiable fee, to ease your burden of dealing with enormous paperwork connected with set up and running your business as a company. Secretarial services may include filling forms, liaising with Department of Registrar of Companies, filing documents, preparing registers that need to be maintained by your company under Companies Act, No. 07 of 2007, certification of documents, attesting deed of ratification of pre-incorporation contracts, drafting resolutions, preparing accounts and auditing, filing annual returns, providing corporate advisory services etcetera.

Managed Processes

Front Office Mangement

Stop worrying about handling a reception at your business. we will handly your front office tasks and allow smooth flow of your internal processes. It's time for you to experience the difference and feel free at your business.

Data Entry

We know that you waste your valuable capital, time and human resources in cumbersome data entry tasks. Let us complete such tasks and we ensure the confidentiality of your data.